Foreign bureaux


Legalfor’s international vocation represents its distinctive character. In this sense, the Firm pays a special attention to the cross-border dimension with which both companies and single professionals have to confront themselves nowadays. Thanks to its German Bureau, Legalfor supports Italian and German companies already active beyond their own national borders or interested in developing cross-border projects for the first time, by providing a high level advice service in all of the areas of competence of the Firm (IP, privacy regulations, competition law, industrial law, advertising law, entertainment law). In the same sectors, Legalfor also offers an effective support to professionals of digital and entertainment world, who are involved in foreign projects.

Thanks to the presence of highly qualified professionals able to easily act in both markets, the Firm ensures a strategic and state-of- the-art approach to its clientele by facilitating the growth of their business beyond their national borders as well as by extending the horizons of its activity.


Nowadays, business growth extends well beyond European borders. The North-American Bureau of the Firm has developed a wide experience in sectors concerning personal data protection, online copyright law, antitrust law, industrial law as well as advertising law.

Legalfor constantly work alongside its clients and is aware of the growing globalisation characterising contemporary markets and of international vocations distinguishing assisted multinational corporations. Thanks to the specialisation of the professionals of whom it avails itself, the Firm guarantees a constant regulatory update by turning linguistic obstacles into great opportunities of expansion. In a world where geographical distances seem increasingly to drop away, the capacity to work out a strategic approach to legislative differences represents an unavoidable condition for the development of every business and for ensuring a 360-degree legal assistance.


The Latin America represents a strategic business area in which several Italian companies are investing. Legalfor offers assistance to its clientele in this part of the world as well. In particular, the South-American Bureau boasts an outstanding experience in providing advice to Italian companies active in this geographical area and, especially, in Argentina, as well as to local companies involved in projects addressed to the European market, above all in the fields of cosmetics, luxury fashion, technology, and entertainment.

South America offers significant business opportunities and is one of the most favourable territories for foreign investments. It is also extremely dynamic in multiple sectors, among which the Firm’s areas of competence stand out. As a matter of fact, the latter avails itself of collaborators whose excellent background guarantees such an assistance as to meet the particular needs of each client. Thanks to the specialised advice service offered by Legalfor, companies can benefit from fruitful investment opportunities in Countries that are in clear recovery.


LegalFor has created the Middle-East Bureau in order to support Italian companies in the internationalisation process towards the Countries of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), i.e. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar and to be an example for those companies belonging to these jurisdictions that intend to conduct their business in Italy and Europe, so as to reduce their natural juridical, cultural and linguistic differences.

The main areas of activity of the Middle-Eastern desk are company and commercial law (with particular regard to joint-venture operations), distribution agreements, advertising law, cyber security, IP, and e-commerce.