20 March 2018 | 

Advertising law with emphasis on new forms of online communication. In particular, hidden advertising messages have taken over new fields and areas compared to the past.

One of the most common case studies is on-line endorsement by celebrities and / or by consumers themselves (or presumed such); another one is the phenomenon of astroturfing or buzz marketing (e.g. “word of mouth”), i.e. that set of non-conventional marketing operations aimed at increasing the volume of conversations about a product or service and, consequently,  enhancing the notoriety and good reputation of a brand or product. It becomes crucial that all businesses  ̶  utilizing or preparing to use the New Forms of Online Communication  ̶  are aware that these are subjected to the same principles of truth and transparency of traditional advertising.

The Firm, offers consultancy in order to set up the advertising claims according to the rules set out by the Codice di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria (advertising self-regulatory code) and by AGCOM. Moreover the Firm offers as well as legal assistance in defining disputes arising out of misleading advertising, plagiarism, imitation, counterfeit or disguised advertising.

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