20 March 2018 | 

Nowadays, personal data represent a fundamental asset value for businesses of all sizes and types to be managed efficiently.

However, the risks associated with the use of such data may include episodes of cyber attacks or data breaches. The reflection of these events can be a harm to companies in economic terms, but, above all, in terms of loss of credibility and brand reputation. The development of IT technologies and the increasingly widespread use of cloud infrastructures require a national and international approach, with all possible legal implications in terms of jurisdiction and / or applicable law.

The assistance and counsel offered by our Firm cover all aspects of the Italian privacy legislation and European and international regulations on personal data processing. More specifically, we provide our assistance on CRM projects, drafting corporate policies and cookies and / or privacy policies, transfer of data abroad. We assist our clients in the hearings before the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

The Firm also assists all companies, also those outside Europe that, in the light of the new Data Protection Regulation, which will enter into force in May 2018, will have to initiate verification procedures for all contractual policies, policies and organizational measures already set up in the company in order to analyze the Status quo, and intervene where necessary.

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