The Firm

LegalFor is an Italian law firm with Headquarter in Milan and offices in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Rome, Naples and Salerno. It stands out for providing a kind of legal service and assistance characterized by a completely new and innovative approach to the customers’ needs. Because the development and spread of new technologies, new forms of communication and entertainment, the classic approach has become inadequate to cope with the complexity of skills and implications required by the company projects in the modern era, not only from a legal point of view. Therefore, the service provided by the firm to Our customers is not only limited to legal advice but expands – thanks to the excellent partnerships – even to the marketing and technical assistance, where customers’ need is to have a 360 degrees’ service. In this way we ensure that our clients will be assisted from beginning to end with all the required tools, in order to achieve their goals in the best and safest way. Acquiring multiple Skills is very often necessary to identify immediately the potentialities of a project and carry them out optimally.


LegalFOR was founded in 2013. Shortly became a “landmark” for those companies which have decided to invest in new forms of non-traditional marketing communication through the use of new technologies, within a revolutionary digital environment.

Since the beginning the firm has always build a strong relationships with customers, focusing on fairness and efficiency, in order to guide a forward-looking strategy. We are very grateful to our clients for their support, which allowed us to celebrate the achievements and the results obtained in these years.

The firm currently assists small and medium enterprises operating mainly in the field of cosmetics, skin and personal care, fashion, technology and entertainment, among others. Since the beginning the idea of the firm has been to collaborate with academic institutions and business associations in order to endorse the importance of the Digital matters within the daily business activities.



The firm counts among its customers some of the most important corporations in Italy and also European and multinational companies. In particular, the Firm assists companies operating in fashion, beauty, advertising agencies, fashion and show agencies and digital agencies.

The secret of success for a thriving and satisfactory cooperation, lies in understanding the  customers and specific needs that influence their choices.

Sensitivity to business dynamics, as well as the language used in the correspondence with the customer, very different from the legal one, characterize all the activities of the firm, which consistently ensures a consistently business framed strategy approach to legal issues, by virtue of our professionals.

  • Fashion industry
  • Personal care and Beauty industry
  • Advertising agencies
  • Fashion and show agencies
  • Digital and Online Marketing agencies

Client profile

The firm counts among its clients some of the most important corporations and numerous Italian and foreign companies. In particular, the Firm assists companies operating in the following fields:



Legalfor’s goal is to be an excellent place to work. The fFirm is aware that all its professionals are the most valuable resource and they are therefore entitled to work in a safe and healty workplace that recognizes talent and personal skills.

The firm appreciates diversity, respects privacy and takes into account the balance between professional and personal life, encouraging an atmosphere of frankness, generosity and respect.

We all, in the firm, have a duty to make sure that all our records, financial or otherwise, are accurate. In particular, it is crucial to be able to provide transparent, regular and reliable information to our clients.